Developed by healthcare professionals, we offer a solution to taking your current booking system online and digital.

As healthcare professionals, we are use to having patients phone up for appointments. What if there was an online digital solution. Well now there is.

Ixpand, bolts on to your existing website providing a link to an online booking system which is bespoke to you and which allows you to take bookings online

Our software system allows
booking options to be fully customisable.

It allows healthcare practices to select the types of treatment they offer.The software can take deposits, organise which healthcare professional they want to be booked with, select dates, change dates and be able to fill out forms pre visit, including medical questionaires

Our software allows you to track data on your booking system, and with it you will never miss a new lead.

See how many new bookings you receive, see when you receive them and via what channel, so that you can focus your efforts and your money in the right area for your business

Change the way your patients see your business.
Get online. Be digital


We are developing an add to our system, which will allow your website to become ecommerce, where you can generate making money by selling your own products to your patients. This will allow you to increase your business revenue through a completely new stream which didn't exist before. Imagine being able to sell everything you sell at your practice online, so that you did not have to keep so much stock, and you had an idea of the lines that actually sold. Well soon you will be able to do just this.

Meet the flexible, platform leading a new era of ecommerce. Explore limitless possibilities to Build, Innovate and Grow.